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Pedro H. da Silva / Lucía Caruso: Jeanne d’Arc, Le Voyage dans la Lune

Varda Kotler: YouTube Channel

Articles by Fanfare Contributor Andrew Sussman

  Abdullah Ibrahim Dollar Band- Duke's Memories (Abdullah Ibrahim)

  John Stubblefield- Bushman Song (John Stubblefield)

  ADDERLEY, CANNONBALL: What I Mean (Julian “Cannonball” Adderley)

  John Surman: The Amazing Adventures of Simon Simon (John Surman)


  Johnny Griffin: Call It Whachawana (Johnny Griffin)


  Johnny Griffin: NYC Underground (Johnny Griffin)


  Johnny Hartman: This One's For Tedi (Johnny Hartman)

  Afro-Cuban Jazz (Charlie Parker)

  Johnny O'Neal: Coming Out (Johnny O’Neal)

  Air -- Air Lore (Air)

  Jon Hendricks & Company: Love (Jon Hendricks & Company)

  Air: 80° Below '82 (Air)

  Jorge Dalto & the Interamerican Band: Urban Oasis (Jorge Dalto & the Interamerican Band)

  Airto Moreira and Gil Evans: Misa Espiritual—Airto's... (Gil Evans)

  Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah: Frontera (Jorge Strunz)

  Airto Moreira: Touching You . . . Touching Me (Airto Moreira)

  Jose Roberto Bertrami: Blue Wave (Jose Roberto Bertrami)

  AKIYOSHI, TOSHIKO: Interlude (Toshiko Akiyoshi)

  Junior Cook: Good Cookin' (Junior Cook)

  Al Cohn: Overtones (Al Cohn)

  Karin Krog & Dexter Gordon: Some Other Spring (Karin Krog)

  Al Cohn: Standards of Excellence. CONCORD (Al Cohn)

  Karl Ratzer: In Search of the Ghost (Karl Ratzer)

  Al Di Meóla, John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia: Passion,... (Al Di Meóla)

  Keep You Satisfied (Nancy Wilson)

  Al Haig: Plays the Music of Jerome Kern (Al Haig)

  Keith Jarrett: Byablue (Keith Jarrett)

  Al Jazzbeaux Collins & Slim Gaillard: Steve Aliens... (Al Jazzbeaux Collins)

  Keith Jarrett: Nude Ants (Keith Jarrett)

  Albert Dailey: Textures (Albert Dailey)

  Keith Jarrett: Staircase (Keith Jarrett)

  Albert Mangelsdorff: Birds of the Underground (Albert Mangelsdorff)

  Keith MacDonald: This Is Keith MacDonald (Keith MacDonald)

  Alberta Hunter: Look for the Silver Lining (Alberta Hunter)

  Kenny Barron: At the Piano (Kenny Barron)

  Alberta Hunter: The Legendary Alberta Hunter (Alberta Hunter)

  Kenny Barron: Golden Lotus (Kenny Barron)

  Alex de Grassi: Southern Exposure (Alex de Grassi)

  Kenny Burrell: Groovin' High (Kenny Burrell)

  Alfred Harth: This Earth! (Alfred Harth)

  Kenny Burrell: In New York (Kenny Burrell)

  Alirio Diaz: The Classic Spanish Guitar (Alirio Diaz)

  Kenny Burrell: Tin Tin Deo (Kenny Burrell)

  Andreas Vollenweider: . . . Behind the Gardens—Behind... (Andreas Vollenweider)

  Kenny Clarke: Kenny Clarke Meets the Detroit Jazzmen (Kenny Clarke)

  Andreas Vollenweider: Caverna Magica (... Under... (Andreas Vollenweider)

  Kenny Drew: Home Is Where the Soul Is (Kenny Drew)

  Andrew Hill: From California With Love (Andrew Hill)

  Kenny Gorelick: Kenny G (Kenny Gorelick)

  Andy Narell: Stickman (Andy Narell)

  Kenny Wheeler: Double, Double You (Kenny Wheeler)

  Anita Ellis: A Legend Sings (Anita Ellis)

  Kent Jordan: No Question About It (Kent Jordan)

  Ann Burton: New York State of Mind (Ann Burton)

  Kevin Eubanks: Guitarist (Kevin Eubanks)

  Anthony Braxton: Seven Standards 1985, Volume... (Anthony Braxton)

  Kirk Lightsey and Harold Danko: Shorter by Two... (Kirk Lightsey)

  Anthony Davis: Middle Passage (Anthony Davis)

  Kirk Lightsey: Lightsey 2 (Kirk Lightsey)

  Antonio Carlos Jobim: Terra Brasilis (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

  Kitt Moran. The Planetary Anthem (Kitt Moran)

  Aretha Franklin. Aretha Sings the Blues (Aretha Franklin)

  KONITZ, LEE: Medium Rare (Lee Konitz)

  Arnett Cobb- Keep on Pushin' (Arnett Cobb)

  KUHN, STEVE: Mostly Ballads (Kuhn)

  Arnett Cobb: More Arnett Cobb and the Muse All-Stars... (Arnett Cobb)

  Lalo Schifrin: Ins and Outs (Lalo Schifrin)

  Arnie Lawrence- Arnie Lawrence and Treasure Island (Arnie Lawrence)

  Lalo Schifrin: Ins and Outs (Lalo Schifrin)

  Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers: (Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers)

  Larry Coryell and Emily Remier. Together (Larry Coryell)

  Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers: Gypsy Folk... (Art Blakey)

  Larry Coryell/Brian Keane: Bolero (Larry Coryell)

  Art Blakey: The Finest of Art Blakey Big Band (Art Blakey)

  Larry Coryell: Comin' Home (Larry Coryell)

  Art Ensemble of Chicago: Full Force (Art Ens of Chicago)

  Larry Coryell: Standing Ovation (Larry Coryell)

  Art Ensemble of Chicago: Nice Guys (Art Ens of Chicago)

  Laurindo Almeida and Charlie Byrd: Latin Odyssey (Laurindo Almeida)

  Art Farmer. Ph.D (Art Farmer)

  Lee Konitz: Figure and Spirit (Lee Konitz)

  Art Farmer: A Work of Art (Art Farmer)

  Lee Morgan: Sonic Boom (Lee Morgan)

  Art Farmer: To Duke With Love (Art Farmer)

  Lee Morgan: The Procrastinator (Lee Morgan)

  Art Farmer: Warm Valley (Art Farmer)

  Lee Willhite: First Venture (Lee Willhite)

  Art Hodes: Someone To Watch Over Me (Art Hodes)

  Lenny White: Twennynine (Lenny White)

  Art Lande: The Eccentricities of Earl Dant (Art Lande)

  Leo Smith: Divine Love (Leo Smith)

  Art Pepper, John Klemmer, Johnny Griffin, Joe... (Art Pepper)

  Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy- Avant Pop (Lester Bowie)

  Art Pepper: Today (Art Pepper)

  Lester Bowie. The Great Pretender (Lester Bowie)

  Arthur Blythe: In the Tradition (Arthur Blythe)

  Lester Bowie: All the Magic! (Lester Bowie)

  Arthur Prysock- This Guy's In Love With You (Arthur Prysock)

  Lester Bowie: The Great Pretender (Lester Bowie)

  B.B. King: Blues 'N' Jazz (B. B. King)

  Little Milton: Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number (Little Milton)

  Babatunde Olatunji: Dance to the Beat of My Drum (Babatunde Olatunji)

  Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volumes 4, 5, 6,... (Norris)

  BADEN POWELL: Mélancolie (Baden Powell)

  Liz Story: Solid Colors (Liz Story)

  Barbara Lea/Bob Dorough/Dick Sudhalter: Hoagy's... (Barbara Lea)

  Lon Donaldson: Sweet Poppa Lou (Lon Donaldson)

  Barney Kessel: Solo (Barney Kessel)

  Lonnie Liston Smith: Silhouettes (Lonnie Liston Smith)

  BARRON, KENNY: 1 + 1 + 1 (Kenny Barron)

  Lou Donaldson: Back Street (Lou Donaldson)

  Barry Harris: Stay Right With It (Barry Harris)

  Lou Donaldson: Sweet Poppa Lou (Lou Donaldson)

  Bass Desires (Marc Johnson)

  Lou Stein: Solo (Lou Stein)

  Ben Sidran. On the Cool Side (Ben Sidran)

  Louis Hayes: The Real Thing (Louis Hayes)

  Ben Sidran: Bop City (Ben Sidran)

  Lucky Thompson: Brown Rose (Lucky Thompson)

  Ben Webster and Joe Zawinul: Travlin' Light (Ben Webster)

  MACERO, TEO: Acoustical Suspension (Teo Macero)

  Ben Webster/Coleman Hawkins: Tenor Giants (Ben Webster)

  Madeline Vergari- This is My Lucky Day! (Madeline Vergari)

  Ben Webster: Gentle Ben (Ben Webster)

  Make Magnificent Music (Tony Bennett)

  Bennie Wallace- Sweeping Through the City (Bennie Wallace)

  Makoto Ozone- After (Makoto Ozone)

  Bennie Wallace: Big Jim's Tango (Bennie Wallace)

  Makoto Ozone: Makoto Ozone (Makoto Ozone)

  Benny Aronov -- Shadow Box (Benny Aronov)

  Marc Johnson's Bass Desires. Second Sight (Marc Johnson)

  Benny Carter 4 (Benny Carter)

  Marcio Montarroyos: Carioca (Marcio Montarroyos)

  Benny Carter and the American Jazz Orchestra-... (Benny Carter)

  Margaret Whiting- The Lady's in Love With You! (Margaret Whiting)

  Benny Carter. A Gentleman and his Music (Benny Carter)

  Margaret Whiting: Come a Little Closer (Margaret Whiting)

  Benny Carter. Cookin' At Carlos I (Benny Carter)

  Marian McPartland. Plays the Music of Billy Strayhom (Marian McPartland)

  Benny Carter: Summer Serenade (Benny Carter)

  Marian McPartland: Willow Creek and other ballads (Marian McPartland)

  BERG, BOB: Short Stories (Bob Berg)

  Mark Murphy. Brazil Song (Mark Murphy)

  Betty Carter: Social Call (Betty Carter)

  Mark Murphy: Bop For Kerouac (Mark Murphy)

  Bill Barron: Variations in Blue (Bill Barron)

  Mark Murphy: Bop for Kerouac (Mark Murphy)

  Bill Dobbins/Red Mitchell: Where One Relaxes (Bill Dobbins)

  Mark Murphy: Brazil Song (Mark Murphy)

  Bill Dobbins: Dedications (Bill Dobbins)

  Mark Murphy: Night Mood (Mark Murphy)

  Bill Evans- The Alternative Man (Bill Evans)

  Mark Murphy: Stolen Moments (Mark Murphy)

  Bill Evans/Claus Ogerman: Symbiosis (Bill Evans)

  Mark Murphy: The Artistry of Mark Murphy (Mark Murphy)

  Bill Evans: Affinity (Bill Evans)

  Marlene VerPlanck: I Like to Sing! i (Marlene VerPlanck)

  Bill Evans: Alone (Again) (Bill Evans)

  Martial Solai- “Live“ 1964-85 Encores (Martial Solai)

  Bill Evans: Conception (Bill Evans)

  MARVIN "SMITTY" SMITH- Keeper of the Drums (Marvin Smith)

  Bill Evans: Eloquence (Bill Evans)

  Mary Fettig: In Good Company (Mary Fettig)

  Bill Evans: Everybody Digs Bill Evans (Bill Evans)

  Maxine Sullivan with the Scott Hamilton Quintet.... (Maxine Sullivan)

  Bill Evans: Re: Person I Knew (Bill Evans)

  Maxine Sullivan: With the Ike Isaacs Quartet (Maxine Sullivan)

  Bill Evans: The “Interplaf Sessions (Bill Evans)

  Maynard Ferguson- Body & Soul (Maynard Ferguson)

  Bill Evans: We Will Meet Again (Bill Evans)

  Maynard Ferguson: Live From San Francisco (Maynard Ferguson)


  McCoy Tyner -- Passion Dance (McCoy Tyner)

  Bill Frisell: Rambler (Bill Frisell)

  McCoy Tyner- Revelations (McCoy Tyner)

  Bill Hardman: Focus (Bill Hardman)

  McCoy Tyner: 13th House (McCoy Tyner)

  Bill Hardman: Politely (Bill Hardman)

  McCoy Tyner: 4X4 (McCoy Tyner)

  Bill Mays & Red Mitchell: Two of a Mind (Bill Mays)

  McCoy Tyner: Double Trios (McCoy Tyner)

  Bireli Lagrene: Routes to Django (Biréli Lagrène)

  McCoy Tyner: Just Feelin' (McCoy Tyner)

  Björn Jason Lindh: Atlantis (Björn Jason Lindh)

  McCoy Tyner: Just Feelin' (McCoy Tyner)

  Bob Cozzetti and Tim Gemmili: Soft Flower in Spring (Bob Cozzetti)

  McCoy Tyner: La Leyenda de la Hora (The Legend... (McCoy Tyner)

  Bob Degen -- Children of the Night (Bob Degen)

  McCoy Tyner: Looking Out (McCoy Tyner)

  Bob Dorough: YardbirdSuite (Bob Dorough)

  MCKENNA, DAVE: Dancing in the Dark and Other Music... (Dave McKenna)

  Bob Moses: Visit With the Great Spirit (Bob Moses)


  Bob Mover: Bob Mover (Bob Mover)

  MCNEELY, JIM: The Plot Thickens (Jim McNeely)

  Bob Mover: Things Unseen! (Bob Mover)

  Mel Torme & Buddy Rich: Together Again—For the... (Mel Tormé)

  Bob Thiele and his New Happy Times Orchestra:... (Bob Thiele & his New Happy Times O)

  Mel Torme: Sings About Love (Mel Tormé)

  Bobbe Norris & Larry Dunlap: Holsted Sails (Velas... (Bobbe Norris)

  Mel Torme: The Torme Touch (Mel Tormé)

  Bobby Hutcherson: Un Poco Loco (Bobby Hutcherson)

  Mercer Ellington. Hot and Bothered (A Re-creation) (Mercer Ellington)

  Bobby Jones- The Legacy of Bobby Jones (Bobby Jones)

  Michael Franks: Previously Unavailable (Michael Franks)

  Bobby Pierce: Piercing (Bobby Pierce)

  Michael Franks: Tigerin the Rain (Michael Franks)

  Bobby Scott. For Sentimental Reasons (Bobby Scott)

  Michael Mantler with Don Preston: Alien (Michael Mantler)

  BOBS: My, I'm Large (Bobs)

  Michael Pedicin Jr (Michael Pedicin)

  BOBS: My, I'm Large (Bobs)

  Michel Petrucciani: 100 Hearts (Michel Petrucciani)

  Booker Little: Out Front (Booker Little)

  Michel Petrucciani: 100 Hearts (Michel Petrucciani)

  Branford Marsalis- Royal Garden Blues (Branford Marsalis)

  Michel Petrucciani: Live at the Village Vanguard (Michel Petrucciani)

  Branford Marsalis: Scenes in the City (Branford Marsalis)

  Mike Mandel: Utopia Parkway (Mike Mandel)

  BRECKER, MICHAEL: Michael Brecker (Michael Brecker)

  Mike Metheny: Day In—Night Out (Mike Metheny)

  BRECKER, RANDY: In the Idiom (Randy Brecker)

  Mike Richmond: Dream Waves (Mike Richmond)

  Brew Moore: No More Brew (Brew Moore)

  Miles Davis: The Man With the Horn (Miles Davis)

  Brian Torff: Manhattan Hoedown (Brian Torff)

  Miles Davis: Tune Up (Miles Davis)

  Bright Sun: Fenyes Nap (Bright Sun)

  Miles Davis: You're Under Arrest (Miles Davis)

  BROWN, RAY: Don't Forget the Blues (Ray Brown)

  Milt Buckner/Buddy Tate/Wild Bill Davis. Midnight... (Buddy Tate)

  Brubeck/LaVerne Trio- See How It Feels (Chris Brubeck)

  Milt Buckner: Birthday Party for H. G. B. S (Milt Buckner)

  Bruce Forman and George Cables- Dynamics (Bruce Forman)

  Milt Jackson: Soul Believer (Milt Jackson)

  Bud Powell: A Portrait of Thelonious (Bud Powell)

  Miroslav Vitous: First Meeting (Miroslav Vitous)

  Bud Powell: Inner Fires (Bud Powell Tr)

  Miroslav Vitous: To Be Continued (Miroslav Vitous)

  Buddy Montgomery: Ties of Love (Buddy Montgomery)

  Mitch Farber: Star Climber (Mitch Farber)

  Buddy Tate Meets Dollar Brand (Buddy Tate)

  Mitchel Forman: Train of Thought (Mitchel Forman)

  Buddy Tate. The Texas Twister (Buddy Tate)

  Monty Alexander/John Clayton/Jeff Hamilton: Reunion... (Monty Alexander)

  Buddy Tate: Hard Blowin (Buddy Tate)

  Monty Alexander/Ray Brown/Herb Ellis. Triple Treat... (Monty Alexander)

  Buddy Tate: The Great Buddy Tate (Buddy Tate)

  Monty Alexander/Ray Brown/Herb Ellis: Triple Treat (Monty Alexander)

  Bunky Green: Visions (Bunky Green)

  Monty Alexander: Lamento (Monty Alexander)

  Burgess Gardner: Music—Year 2000 (Burgess Gardner)

  Morgana King- Simply Eloquent (Morgana King)

  BUTLER, HENRY: The Village (Henry Butler)

  MOSCA, SAL: For You (Sal Mosca)

  CABLES, GEORGE: By George (George Cables)

  Mulgrew Miller: Work (Mulgrew Miller)

  Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band: Doc at the... (Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band)

  Music from the Bill Cosby Show featuring Grover... (Grover Washington)

  Carla Bley. Live! (Carla Bley)

  New Directions In Europe (Jack DeJohnette)

  Carla Bley: Heavy Heart (Carla Bley)

  New York Jazz Quartet: Surge (Frank Wess)

  Carla Bley: Heavy Heart (Carla Bley)

  Nick Brignola: Burn Brigade (Nick Brignola)

  Carla Bley: Social Studies (Carla Bley)

  Nigel Kennedy and Peter Pettinger: Strad Jazz (Nigel Kennedy)

  CARLTON, LARRY: Last Nite (Larry Carlton)

  Nina Sheldon: Secret Places (Nina Sheldon)

  Carmen McRae and George Shearing: Two For The... (Carmen McRae)

  Nock, Mike: In Out and Around (Mike Nock)

  Carmen McRae: (Carmen McRae)

  Nude Ants (Keith Jarrett)

  Carmen McRae: Any Old Time (Carmen McRae)

  Oliver Lake and Jump Up- Dancevision (Oliver Lake)

  Carmen McRae: You're Lookin At Me (Carmen McRae)

  Oliver Lake and Jump Up: Plug It (Oliver Lake)

  Carol Leigh: Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night (Carol Leigh)

  OREGON: Ecotopia (Oregon)

  Carrie Smith: Carrie Smith (Carrie Smith)

  Oscar Peterson -- Night Child (Oscar Peterson)

  Carrie Smith: Fine and Mellow (Carrie Smith)

  Oscar Peterson: A Royal Wedding Suite (Oscar Peterson)

  CARTER, BENNY: Wonderland (Benny Carter)

  Oscar Peterson: Live at the Northsea Jazz Festival (Oscar Peterson)

  Cecil McBee Sextet -- Music from the Source (Cecil McBee)

  Oscar Pettiford: The Finest of Oscar Pettiford (Oscar Pettiford)

  Cecil Taylor: The Cecil Taylor Unit (Cecil Taylor)

  Paquita D'Rivera: Poquito Blowin' (Paquita D'Rivera)

  Cecil Taylor: The Great Concert of Cecil Taylor (Cecil Taylor)

  Paquita D'Rivera: Why Not! (Paquita D'Rivera)

  Cedar Walton -- Eastern Rebellion II (Cedar Walton)

  Paquito D'Rivera: Muriel (Paquito D’Rivera)

  Cedar Walton with Abbey Lincoln: The Maestro (Cedar Walton)

  PASS/PEDERSEN: Chops (Joe Pass)

  Cedar Walton with Abbey Lincoln: The Maestro (Cedar Walton)

  Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays: As Falls Wichita, So... (Pat Metheny)

  Cedar Walton: Animation (Cedar Walton)

  Pat Metheny Group: American Garage (Pat Metheny Group)

  Cedar Walton: Piano Solos (Cedar Walton)

  Pat Metheny Group: First Circle (Pat Metheny Group)

  Cedar Walton: Soundscapes (Cedar Walton)

  Pat Metheny: Pat Metheny Group (Pat Metheny)

  Cedar Walton: The Pentagon (Cedar Walton)

  Paul Horn: Live From Russia (With Love) (Paul Horn)

  Charles Earland: Street Themes (Charles Earland)

  Paul Smith, Barney Kessell, Monty Budwig, Frank... (Paul Smith)

  Charles Lloyd: Montreux 82 (Charles Lloyd)

  PEACOCK, GARY: Guamba (Gary Peacock)

  Charles Lloyd: Weavings (Charles Lloyd)

  Pepper Adams/Donald Byrd: Stardust (Pepper Adams)

  Charles McPherson: Free Bop (Charles McPherson)

  Pepper Adams: The Master.. (Pepper Adams)

  Charlie Byrd: The Charlie Byrd Christmas Album (Charlie Byrd)

  Peter Christlieb/Warne Marsh Quintet: Apogee (Peter Christlieb)

  Charlie Haden: The Ballad of the Fallen (Charlie Haden)

  Peter Erskine: Peter Erskine (Peter Erskine)

  Charlie Parker: Bird With Strings (Charlie Parker)

  Peter Lang. American Stock—A Guitar Collection (Peter Lang)

  Charlie Parker: One Night In Birdland (Charlie Parker)

  Phil Woods and Lew Tabackin: Phil Woods/Lew Tabackin (Phil Woods)

  Charlie Parker: Summit Meeting at Birdland (Charlie Parker)

  Phil Woods- Heaven (Phil Woods)

  Charlie Parker: The Complete Savoy Sessions (Charlie Parker)

  Phil Woods: Birds of a Feather (Phil Woods)

  Charlie Parker: The Very Best of Bird (Charlie Parker)

  Phil Woods: Gratitude (Phil Woods)

  Charlie Shoemake: Cross Roads (Charlie Shoemake)

  Phil Woods: Live From New York (Phil Woods)

  Chet Atkins: Stay Tuned (Chet Atkins)

  Phil Woods: Rights of Swing (Phil Woods)

  Chet Baker -- The Touch of Your Lips (Chet Baker)

  Phil Woods: The Phil Woods Quartet At the Vanguard (Phil Woods Qrt)

  Chet Baker- Live in Europe 1956 (Chet Baker)

  Phil Woods: The Phil Woods Quartet At the Vanguard (Phil Woods Qrt)

  Chet Baker- Strollin (Chet Baker)

  Philip Catherine, Christian Escoude, and Didier... (Philip Catherine)

  Chet Baker: Once Upon a Summertime (Chet Baker)

  Philly Joe Jones: Drum Song (Philly Joe Jones)

  Chick Corea and Gary Burton: Lyric Suite for Sextet, (Chick Corea)

  Phineas Newborn: Look Out (Phineas Newborn)

  Chick Corea: Again and Again (The Joburg Sessions) (Chick Corea)

  Poncho Sanchez: Bien Sabroso! (Poncho Sanchez)

  Chick Corea: Children's Songs (Chick Corea)

  Poncho Sanchez: Sonando (Poncho Sanchez)

  Chick Corea: Trio Music (Chick Corea)

  Pony Poindexter: Pony Poindexter (Pony Poindexter)

  Chick Corea: Trio Music, Live in Europe (Chick Corea)

  Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Early Roots (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)

  Chico Freeman: Destiny's Dance (Chico Freeman)

  Ralph Towner -- Old Friends, New Faces (Ralph Towner)

  Chris Connor- New Again (Chris Connor)

  Ramsey Lewis Trio: Reunion (Ramsey Lewis Tr)

  Chris Connor: Cocktails and Dusk (Chris Connor)

  Ramsey Lewis: Les Fleurs (Ramsey Lewis)

  Chuck Wayne -- Traveling (Chuck Wayne)

  Ramsey Lewis: Three Piece Suite (Ramsey Lewis)

  Clarence Clemons and the Red Bank Rockers: Rescue (Clarence Clemons)

  Ran Blake. Painted Rhythms, The Compleat Ran Blake... (Ran Blake)

  Clark Terry: Memories of Duke (Clark Terry)

  Randy Weston: Blue (Randy Weston)

  Claude Bolling and Maurice André: Toot Suite (Claude Bolling)

  Rare Silk: American Eyes (Rare Silk)

  Claude Bolling and Yo-Yo Ma: Suite for Cello and... (Claude Bolling)

  Ray Brown Trio with Ernestine Anderson -- Live... (Ray Brown Tr)

  Claude Bolling- Big Band Panorama (Claude Bolling Big Band)

  Ray Brown Trio: The Red Hot Ray Brown Trio (Ray Brown Tr)

  Claude Bolling: With the Help of My Friends (Claude Bolling)

  Ray Brown/Monty Alexander/Sam Most: A Ray Brown... (Ray Brown)

  Cleo Laine and John Williams: Let the Music Take... (Cleo Laine)

  Ray Brown: Something For Lester (Ray Brown)

  Cleo Laine: That Old Feeling (Cleo Laine)

  Ray Bryant (Ray Bryant)

  Clifford Jordan- Dr. Chicago (Clifford Jordan)

  Ray Bryant: All Blues (Ray Bryant)

  Clifford Jordan: Inward Fire (Clifford Jordan)

  Ray Bryant: Hot Turkey (Ray Bryant)

  Con Brio (Con Brio)

  Ray Charles- From the Pages of My Mind (Ray Charles)

  Conexión Latina. Cabrato (Conexión Latina)

  Ray Charles: Brother Ray is at it Again! (Ray Charles)

  COREA, CHICK: Trio Music, Live in Europe (Corea)

  Red Garland: Equinox (Red Garland)

  Count Basie -- Basie Jam No. 3 (Count Basie)

  Red Garland: Satin Doll (Red Garland)

  Count Basie Big Band (Count Basie)

  Red Garland: So Long Blues (Red Garland)

  Count Basie: On the Road (Count Basie)

  Red Garland: Stepping Out (Red Garland)

  CRUSADERS, THE: The Vocal Album (Crusaders)

  Red Garland: Strike Up the Band (Red Garland)

  CUBER, RONNIE: The Eleventh Day of Aquarius (Ronnie Cuber)

  Red Rodney & Ira Sullivan: Spirit Within (Red Rodney)

  Da-Da (Arthur Blythe)

  Red Rodney and Ira Sullivan: Hi Jinx at The Vanguard (Red Rodney)

  Dan Slider-Dann Glenn: A Whispered Warning (Dan Slider)

  Red Rodney with Ira Sullivan: Night and Day (Red Rodney)

  Dan Wall: The Trio (Dan Wall)

  Red Rodney: Red, White and Blues (Red Rodney)

  Darol Anger/Barbara Higbie Quintet: Live at Montreux (Darol Anger)

  Red Rodney: The 3 Rs (Red Rodney)

  Dave Brubeck Quartet -- Back Home (Dave Brubeck Qrt)

  REECE, DIZZY: Manhattan Project (Dizzy Reece)

  Dave Brubeck: Paper Moon (Dave Brubeck)

  Regan Ryzuk: Trio Comprovisations (Regan Ryzuk)

  Dave Frishberg: The Dare Frishberg Songbook Volume... (Dave Frishberg)

  Richard Beirach -- Elm (Richie Beirach)

  Dave Frishberg: The Dave Frishberg Songbook Volume... (Dave Frishberg)

  Richard Beirach: Breathing of Statues (Richie Beirach)

  Dave Grusin and the GRP All-Stars: Live in Japan (Dave Grusin & the GRP All-Stars)

  Richard Beirach: Hubris (Richie Beirach)

  Dave Holland Quintet- Seeds of Time (Dave Holland Qnt)

  Richard Boukas: Embarcadero (Richard Boukas)

  Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach, George Mraz, Al... (Dave Liebman)

  Richie Beirach: Elegy for Bill Evans (Richie Beirach)

  Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach, George Mraz, Al... (Quest)

  Richie Cole -- Keeper of the Flame (Richie Cole)

  Dave Matthews' Big Band: Night Flight (Dave Matthews)

  Richie Cole/Eric Kloss: Battle of the Saxes (Volume... (Richie Cole)

  Dave McKenna: -- Giant Strides (Dave McKenna)

  Richie Cole: Pure Imagination (Richie Cole)

  Dave McKenna: A Celebration of Hoagy Carmichael (Dave McKenna)

  Richie Cole: Some Things Speak for Themselves (Richie Cole)

  Dave McKenna: The Key Man (Dave McKenna)

  Ricky Ford: Future's Gold (Ricky Ford)

  David Amram: At Home/Around the World (David Amram)

  Ricky Ford: Manhattan Plaza (Ricky Ford)

  David Amram: Havana/New York (David Amram)

  Ricky Ford: Tenor for the Times (Ricky Ford)

  David Baker's 21st Century Bebop Band (David Baker)

  Roberta Vandervort: Chameleon Cry (Roberta Vandervort)

  David Fathead Newman -- Scratch My Back (David ❝Fathead❝ Newman)

  RODNEY, RED: Alive in New York (Red Rodney)

  David Friesen: Amber Skies (David Friesen)

  Roland Hanna/George Mraz: Romanesque (Sir Roland Hanna)

  David Friesen: Storyteller (David Friesen)

  Roland Hanna: Plays the Music of Alec Wilder (Sir Roland Hanna)

  David Frishberg: Cant Take You Nowhere (David Frishberg)

  Roland Hanna: This Must Be Love (Sir Roland Hanna)

  David Holland: Life Cycle (David Holland)

  Roland Prince: Free Spirit (Roland Prince)

  David Lahm- The Highest Standards (David Lahm)

  ROLLINS, SONNY: Don't Ask (Sonny Rollins)

  David Lahm: Real ]azz For The Folks Who Feel jazz (David Lahm)

  ROLLINS, SONNY: G-Man (Sonny Rollins)

  David Sanborn: Heart to Heart (David Sanborn)

  Ron Carter and Jim Hall: Live at the Village West (Ron Carteri)

  David Sancious -- Just As I Thought (David Sancious)

  Ron Carter and Jim Hall: Telephone (Ron Carter)

  David “Fathead“ Newman: Resurgence (David ❝Fathead❝ Newman)

  Ron Carter/Hank Jones/Sadao Watanabe/Tony Williams:... (Ron Carter)

  Dee Bell and Eddie Duran: One By One (Dee Bell)

  Ron Carter/Herbie Hancock/Tony Williams: Third... (Ron Carter)

  Defunkt: Defunkt (Defunkt)

  Ron Carter: Etudes (Ron Carter)

  Dexter Gordon: Bouncin' With Dex (Dexter Gordon)

  Ron Carter: Patrao (Ron Carter)

  Dexter Gordon: Great Encounters (Dexter Gordon)

  Ron Carter: Piccolo (Ron Carter)

  Dexter Gordon: Sophisticated Giant (Dexter Gordon)

  Ron Carter: Super Strings (Ron Carter)

  Diane Schuur: Deedles (Diane Schuur)

  Ron Eschete: Line-Up (Ron Eschete)

  Dick Berk and the Jazz Adoption Agency: The Rare... (Dick Berk)

  Ron McCroby: Plays Puccolo (Ron McCroby)

  Dick Haymes: Imagination (Dick Haymes)

  Ron McCroby: The Other Whistler (Ron McCroby)

  DICK HYMAN/RUBY BRAFF- Manhattan Jazz (Dick Hyman)

  Ronnie Mathews -- Roots, Branches & Dances (Ronnie Mathews)

  Didier Lockwood Group (Didier Lockwood Group)

  Rosemary Clooney. Sings Ballads (Rosemary Clooney)

  Dino Saluzzi: Kultrum (Dino Saluzzi)

  Rosemary Clooney: Sings the Music of Harold Arlen (Rosemary Clooney)

  Dizzy Gillespie with the Mitchell/Ruff Duo- Enduring... (Dizzy Gillespie)

  Rosemary Clooney: Sings the Music of Irving Berlin (Rosemary Clooney)

  Dizzy Gillespie/Roy Eldridge: Diz and Roy (Dizzy Gillespie)

  ROUSE, CHARLIE: Cinnamon Flower (Charlie Rouse)

  Djavan Gaetano Viana- Djavan (Djavan Gaetano Viana)

  Roy Eldridge: The Early Years (Roy Eldridge)

  Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) and Johnny Dyani:... (Dollar Brand)

  Roy Eldrldge 4 (Roy Eldridge)

  Dollar Brand -- Memories (Dollar Brand)

  Roy Haynes: Thank You Thank You (Roy Haynes)

  Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell... (Don Cherry)

  Roy Williams, Pete Strange, Campbell Burnap, John... (Roy Williams)

  Don Friedman: Hot Knepper and Pepper (Don Friedman)

  Ruby Braff and Scott Hamilton: A First (Ruby Braff)

  Donald Harrison and Terence Blanchard- Nascence (Donald Harrison)

  Ruby Braff/Dick Hyman: America the Beautiful (Ruby Braff)

  Dorothy Donegan: The Explosive Dorothy Donegan (Dorothy Donegan)

  RUSSO; GERSHWIN (Corky Siegel)

  Double Take (Freddie Hubbard)

  Ruth Olay/Red Mitchell: Ruth Olay Sings Jazz Today (Ruth Olay)

  Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack (Dr. John)

  Ruth Price: Lucky to Be Me (Ruth Price)

  Duke Ellington: The Girl's Suite and The Perfume... (Duke Ellington)

  Sadao Watanabe: Orange Express (Sadao Watanabe)

  Duke Ellington: Unknown Session (Duke Ellington)

  Sam Jones: Something in Common (Sam Jones)

  Earl Coleman: There's Something About An Old Love (Earl Coleman)

  Sammy Price: Fire (Sammy Price)

  Earl Klugh: Heart String (Earl Klugh)

  Sandra King: In a Concert of Vernon Duke (Sandra King)

  Ed Bickert. I Wished on the Moon (Ed Bickert)

  SANTAMARIA, MONGO: Soy Yo (Mongo Santamaria)

  Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis 4 (Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis)

  Santana: Beyond Appearances (Carlos Santana)

  Eddie Daniels: Morning Thunder (Eddie Daniels)

  Sarah Vaughan: Duke Ellington Song Book One (Sarah Vaughan)

  Eddie “Cleanhead“ Vinson: Hold It Right There! (Eddie ❝Cleanhead❝ Vinson)

  Sarah Vaughan: Duke Ellington Song Book Two (Sarah Vaughan)

  Eddie “Cleanhead“ Vinson: I Want a Little Girl (Eddie ❝Cleanhead❝ Vinson)

  Sarah Vaughan: How Long Has This Been Going On? (Sarah Vaughan)

  Eddie “Lockjaw“ Davis: Swingin' Till the Girls... (Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis)

  Sarah Vaughan: I Love Brazil! (Sarah Vaughan)

  Eiji Kitamura: Seven Stars (Eiji Kitamura)

  SARMANTO: Suomi (Finland)—Symphonic Poem... (Helsinki PO)

  Elements: Forward Motion (Elements)

  Scott Hamilton: Scott Hamilton, 2 (Scott Hamilton)

  Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass- Easy Living (Ella Fitzgerald)

  Seventh Avenue- Heads Up (Seventh Avenue)

  Ella Fitzgerald with the Tommy Flanagan Trio (Ella Fitzgerald)

  Shankar: Vision (Shankar)

  Elvin Jones: Time Capsule (Elvin Jones)

  Shari Ulrich: Talk Around Town (Shari Ulrich)

  Enrico Rava: Enrico Rava Quartet (Cedar Walton)

  Shelly Manne: Essence (Shelly Manne)

  Enrico Rava: The Plot (Enrico Rava)

  Shorty Rogers and Bud Shank: Yesterday, Today... (Shorty Rogers)

  Eric Gale: Blue Horizon (Eric Gale)

  Sir Roland Hanna: Swing Me No Waltzes (Sir Roland Hanna)

  Eric Gale: Touch of Silk (Eric Gale)

  Slide Hampton: World of Trombones (Slide Hampton)

  Ernestine Anderson. Be Mine Tonight (Ernestine Anderson)

  SMITH, CARRIE: Do Your Duty (Carrie Smith)

  Ernestine Anderson: Big City (Ernestine Anderson)

  Snooky Young and Marshall Royal: Snooky & Marshall's... (Snooky Young)

  Ernestine Anderson: When the Sun Goes Down (Ernestine Anderson)

  Solar Plexus. INNER CITY (Solar Plexus)

  Ernie Křivda and Kenny Davis: Fireside Sessions (Ernie Křivda)

  Sonny Rollins: No Problem (Sonny Rollins)

  Ernie Wilkins: Ernie Wilkins and the Almost Big... (Ernie Wilkins)

  Sonny Rollins: Now's the Time (Sonny Rollins)

  Etta James- Seven Year Itch (Etta James)

  Sonny Rollins: Reel Life (Sonny Rollins)

  Etta Jones: Love Me With All Your Heart (Etta Jones)

  Sonny Rollins: Sunny Days, Starry Nights (Sonny Rollins)

  Everyman Band (Everyman Band)

  Sonny Stitt, Sadik Hakim: Sonny Stitt Meets Sadik... (Sonny Stitt)

  FADDIS, JON: Legacy (Jon Faddis)

  Sonny Stitt: In Style (Sonny Stitt)

  FARMER, ART: Something to Live For (Art Farmer)

  Sonny Stitt: The Last Sessions Volume 2 (Sonny Stitt)

  Flora Purim & Airto: Humble People (Flora Purim)

  Sonny Stitt: The Last Sessions, Vol. 1 (Sonny Stitt)

  Flora Purim and Airto Moreira: The Magicians (Flora Purim)

  Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: California Blues (Sonny Terry)

  Flora Purim and Airto: Humble People (Flora Purim)

  Sphere: Four in One (Sphere)

  Frank Morgan and the McCoy Tyner Trio- Major Changes (Frank Morgan)

  Stacy Rowles with Jimmy Rowles: Tell It Like It... (Stacy Rowles)

  Frank Morgan. Mood Indigo (Frank Morgan)

  Stan Freeman- Not a Care in the World (Stan Freeman)

  Frank Wess: Flute Juice (Frank Wess)

  Stan Getz and Chet Baker: Line For Lyons (Stan Getz)

  François Cahen: Great Winds (François Cahen)

  Stan Getz, Paul Horn, Mike Garson: Midem Live... (Stan Getz)

  Fred Hersch: Horizons (Fred Hersch)

  Stan Mark: Here's Stan Mark and his New Big Band (Stan Mark)

  Fred Raulson: Open Stream (Fred Raulson)

  Standards Live (Keith Jarrett)

  Freddie Hubbard: A Little Night Music (Freddie Hubbard)

  Stanley Turrentine: Nìghtwings (Stanley Turrentine)

  Freddie Hubbard: Classics (Freddie Hubbard)

  Stephane Grappelli/Baden Powell. La Grande Reunion (Stephane Grappelli)

  Freddie Hubbard: Keystone Bop (Freddie Hubbard)

  Steve Holt: The Lion's Eyes (Steve Holt)

  Freddie Hubbard: Ride Like the Wind (Freddie Hubbard)

  Steve Kuhn Quartet: Last Year's Waltz (Steve Kuhn Qrt)

  Freddie Hubbard: Splash (Freddie Hubbard)

  Steve Kuhn Trio: Life's Magic (Steve Kuhn Tr)

  Freddie Hubbard: Sweet Return (Freddie Hubbard)

  Steve Kuhn: Mostly Ballads (Steve Kuhn)

  Fumiaki Miyamoto and Norio Maeda: Blue Rondo (Fumiaki Miyamoto)

  Steve Swallow: Home (Steve Swallow)

  Fusion, The Jeff Lorber: Water Sign (Jeff Lorber)

  Steve Tibbetts: Exploded View (Steve Tibbetts)

  Gallery: Gallery (Gallery)

  Sue Raney: Sings the Music of Johnny Mandel (Sue Raney)


  Supersax & L.A. Voices: Volume 2 (Supersax)


  Supersax and L.A. Voices (Supersax)


  Susannah McCorkle: The Songs of Johnny Mercer (Susannah McCorkle)

  Gary Bartz: Love Song (Gary Bartz)

  Swing Me No Waltzes (Sir Roland Hanna)

  Gary Burton: Easy As Pie (Gary Burton Qrt)

  Tal Farlow, Red Norvo, Hank Jones, Ray Brown,... (Tal Farlow)

  Gary Burton: Times Square (Gary Burton)

  Tal Farlow: The Legendary Tal Farlow (Tal Farlow)

  Gary Peacock: Tales of Another (Gary Peacock)

  Tal Farlow: Trilogy (Tal Farlow)

  Gary Wofsey- In Japan (Gary Wofsey)

  Tania Maria: Come With Me (Tania Maria)

  Gato Barbieri. Apasionado (Gato Barbieri)

  Tania Maria: Love Explosion (Tania Maria)

  Gayle Moran -- I Loved You Then -- I Love You... (Gayle Moran)

  Tania Maria: Taurus (Tania Maria)

  Gene Bertoncini and Michael Moore: Close Ties (Gene Bertoncini)

  Tania Maria: The Real Tama Maria: Wild' (Tania Maria)

  Gene Harris Trio: The Gene Harris Trio Plus One (Gene Harris Tr)

  Terence Blanchard and Donald Harrison: New York... (Terence Blanchard)

  George Benson: In Your Eyes (George Benson)

  Teresa Brewer and Mercer Ellington: The Cotton... (Teresa Brewer)

  George Cables: Cables' Vision (George Cables)

  Teresa Brewer/Earl Hines: We Love You Fats (Teresa Brewer)

  George Duke: A Brazilian Love Affair (George Duke)

  Teresa Brewer: A Sophisticated Lady (Teresa Brewer)

  George Duke: The 1976 Solo Keyboard Album (George Duke)

  Teresa Brewer: I Dig Big Band Singers (Teresa Brewer)

  George Shearing and Mel Torme- An Elegant Evening (George Shearing)

  TERRY, CLARK: Ain't Misbehavin' (Clark Terry)

  George Shearing and Mel Torme: An Evening with... (George Shearing)

  Terumasa Hino: May Dance (Terumasa Hino)

  George Shearing and Mel Torme: Top Drawer (Mel Tormé)

  Tete Montoliu: Catalonian Folksongs (Tete Montoliu)

  George Shearing- Grand Piano (George Shearing)

  Tete Montoliu: Lunch in L.A (Tete Montoliu)

  George Shearing/Jim Hall: First Edition (George Shearing)

  The Art Farmer Quintet- Blame It On My Youth (Art Farmer Qnt)

  George Shearing/Marian McPartland: Alone Together (George Shearing)

  The Cannonball Adderley Collection, Volume 2,... (Julian “Cannonball” Adderley)

  George Shearing: Blues Alley Jazz (George Shearing)

  The Cannonball Adderley Collection, Volume 3,... (Julian “Cannonball” Adderley)

  Georgie Auld: Homage (Georgie Auld)

  The Capp/Pierce Orchestra. Juggernaut Strikes... (Capp-Pierce O)

  Gerry Mulligan: Walk on the Water (Gerry Mulligan)

  The Charlie Byrd Trio with Bud Shank. Brazilville (Charlie Byrd Tr)

  Gerry Wiggins: Wig Is Here (Gerry Wiggins)

  The Charlie Watts Orchestra- Live at Fulham Town... (Charlie Watts O)

  GETZ, STAN: Voyage (Stan Getz)

  The Chick Corea Elektric Band (Chick Corea Elektric Band)

  Gil Evans: Priestess (Gil Evans)

  The Count Basie Kansas City Septet- Mostly Blues... (Count Basie Kansas City Septet)

  Gil Goldstein: Wrapped in a Cloud (Gil Goldstein)

  The Count Basie Orchestra- Long Live the Chief (Count Basie O)

  GILBERTO, JOAO: Live in Montreux (Joao Gilberto)

  The Count Basie Orchestra- Long Live the Chief (Count Basie O)

  Gonz- Uranian Undertow (Gonz)

  The Crusaders: The Good Times and Bad Times (Crusaders)

  GREEN, BUNKY: Places We've Never Been (Bunky Green)

  The David Chesky Band: Rush Hour (David Chesky Band)


  The Essential Jo Jones (Jo Jones)

  HADEN, CHARLIE: Quartet West (Charlie Haden)

  The George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band 83: Theatre (George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band)

  Hal Galper: Ivory Forest (Hal Galper)

  The Heath Brothers: Brothers & Others (Heath Brothers)

  Hampton Hawes: (Hampton Hawes)

  The Hi-Lo's. Now (Hi-Lo’s)

  HAND, FREDERICK: Jazzantiqua (Frederic Hand)

  The Leaders- Mudfoot (Leaders)

  Hank Crawford: Down on the Deuce (Hank Crawford)

  The Legendary Oscar Peterson Trio Live at the... (Peterson)

  Hank Crawford: Indigo Blue (Hank Crawford)

  The Oscar Peterson Four: If You Could See Me Now (Oscar Peterson Four)

  Hank Jones -- Ain't Misbehavin' (Hank Jones)

  The Players Association: Turn the Music Up! (Players Association)

  Hank Jones: 'Bop Redux (Hank Jones)

  The President- Bring Yr Camera (President)

  Hank Jones: I Remember You (Hank Jones)

  The Progressive Records All Star Trombone Spectacular (Art Baron)

  Hank Jones: Satin Doll (dedicated to Duke Ellington) (Hank Jones)

  The Progressive Records All-Star Trumpet Spectacular (Harold Lieberman)

  Harold Ashby: Presenting Harold Ashby (Harold Ashby)

  The Quintet: Jazz at Massey Hall (Qnt)

  Harold Land/Blue Mitchell: Mapenzi (Harold Land)

  The Ray Brown Trio featuring Gene Harris: Soular... (Ray Brown Tr)

  HARRELL, TOM: Play of Light (Tom Harrell)

  THE SEXTET OF ORCHESTRA U.S.A. Theatre Music of... (Sextet of O U.S.A)

  HARRIS, GENE: The Gene Harris Trio Plus One (Gene Harris Tr)

  The Spitfire Band: Flight III (Spitfire Band)

  Harry Connick Jr.- 20 (Harry Connick Jr)

  The State of the Tenor—Live at the Village Vanguard,... (Joe Henderson)

  Harry Leahey: Still Waters (Harry Leahey)

  The Untouchable Factor: Charred Earth (Sunny Murray)

  Harry “The Hipster“ Gibson: Everybody's Crazy... (Harry Gibson)

  The Widespread Jazz Orchestra: Paris Blues (Widespread Jazz O)

  HASSELL, JOHN: Power Spot (John Hassell)

  The Yellowjackets: Mirage à Trois (Yellowjackets)

  Hazel Scott: After Hours (Hazel Scott)

  Thelonious Monk- The Complete Riverside Recordings (Thelonious Monk)

  Helen Humes: Helen (Helen Humes)

  Thelonious Monk: Live at the Village Gate (Thelonious Monk)

  Hellman's Angels- Pop Go the Angels! (Hellman’s Angels)

  Tito Puente and his Latin Ensemble: Mambo Diablo (Tito Puente)

  Henry Butler: Fivin' Around (Harry Butler)

  Tito Puente: El Rey (Tito Puente)

  Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea: An Evening with... (Chick Corea)

  Tito Puente: On Broadway (Tito Puente)

  Herbie Hancock and Foday Musa Suso- Village Life (Herbie Hancock)

  Tokyo Concert (John Coates Jr)

  Herbie Hancock- Round Midnight (Original Motion... (Herbie Hancock)

  Tom Coster: Ivory Expedition (Tom Coster)

  Herbie Hancock: Lite Me Up (Ron Carter)

  Tom Garvin: In 3 Dimensions (Tom Garvin)

  Herbie Hancock: Quartet (Herbie Hancock)

  Tom Harrell. Sail Away (Tom Harrell)

  Herbie Nichols: The Bethlehem Years (Herbie Nichols)

  Tom Scott: Apple Juice. C (Tom Scott)

  HOLLAND, DAVE: The Razor's Edge (Dave Holland)

  Tommy Flanagan: Eclypso (Tommy Flanagan)

  Howard McGhee: Jasz Brothers (Howard McGhee)

  Tommy Flanagan 3 (Tommy Flanagan)

  Hubert Laws and Earl Klugh: How to Beat the High... (Hubert Laws)

  Tommy Flanagan and Hank Jones: More Delights (Tommy Flanagan)

  Hubert Laws: Make It Last (Hubert Laws)

  Tommy Flanagan and Hank Jones: Our Delights (Tommy Flanagan)

  Ian Carr's Nucleus: Awakening (Ian Carr’s Nucleus)

  Tommy Flanagan: Plays the Music of Harold Arlen (Tommy Flanagan)

  IBRAHIM, ABDULLAH: Water From an Ancient Well (Abdullah Ibrahim)

  Tommy Flanagan: Something Borrowed, Something... (Tommy Flanagan)

  Idris Muhammad: You Ain't No Friend of Mine! (Idris Muhammad)

  Tommy Flanagan: The Magnificent Tommy Flanagan (Tommy Flanagan)

  In a Different Light (Harvie Swartz)

  Tommy Flanagan: Trinity (Tommy Flanagan)

  Innocent (Peter Gordon)

  Tony Bennett- The Art of Excellence (Tony Bennett)

  Ira Sullivan: Multimedia (Ira Sullivan)

  Tony Williams: The Joy of Flying (Tony Williams)

  Ira Sullivan: The Incredible Ira Sullivan (Ira Sullivan)

  Trumpets TRPTS- Transforming Traditions (Mike Vax)

  Irakere (Irakere)

  Vaughn Nark Quintet: Cutting Through (Vaughn Nark Qnt)

  Irakere: Chekeré Son (Irakere)

  Victor Feldman's Generation Band: High Visibility (Victor Feldman’s Generation Band)

  Ivan Conti: The Human Factor (Ivan Conti)

  WALLACE, BENNIE: The Art of the Saxophone (Bennie Wallace)

  Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition- Irresistable... (Jack DeJohnette)

  Walter Norris/Aladar Pege: Winter Rose (Walter Norris)

  Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition- Irresistible... (Jack DeJohnette)

  Waymon Reed: 46th and 8th (Waymon Reed)

  Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition: Album Album (Flora Purim)

  Wayne Shorter. Atlantis (Wayne Shorter)

  Jack Dejohnette's Special Edition: Album Album (Jack Dejohnette’s Special Edition)

  Weather Report (Weather Report)

  Jack Dejohnette's Special Edition: Inflation Blues (Jack Dejohnette’s Special Edition)

  Weather Report -- Night Passage (Weather Report)

  Jack Sheldon- Hollywood Heroes (Jack Sheldon)

  Weather Report: Sportin' Life (Weather Report)

  Jack Sheldon: Stand By (Jack Sheldon)

  Willie “The Lion“ Smith: Willie “The Lion“Smith (Willie ❝The Lion❝ Smith)

  Jack Wilkins: The Jack Wilkins Quartet (Jack Wilkins)

  Willis Jackson: Nothing Butt (Willis Jackson)

  Jack Wilkins: You Can't Live Without It (Jack Wilkins)

  Woody Shaw -- Woody Three (Woody Shaw)

  Jackie McLean: 4, 5, and 6 (Jackie McLean)

  Woody Shaw: In the Beginning (Woody Shaw)

  Jackie McLean: Consequence (Jackie McLean)

  Woody Shaw: United (Woody Shaw)

  Jackie McLean: Monuments (Jackie McLean)

  Wynton Marsalis- Black Codes (From the Underground) (Wynton Marsalis)

  Jaki Byard: Giant Steps (Jaki Byard)

  Wynton Marsalis: Think of One (Wynton Marsalis)

  Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Renaissance Man (Jamaaladeen Tacuma)

  You Must Believe In Spring (Bill Evans)

  Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Show Stopper (Jamaaladeen Tacuma)

  You Won't Forget Me (Shirley Horn)

  James Newton: Luella (James Newton)

  Yusef Lateef: Yusef Lateef in Nigeria (Yusef Lateef)

  James Williams: The Arioso Touch (James Williams)

  ZAWINUL, JOE: Dialects (Joe Zawinul)

  Jan Garbarek Group -- Photo With . . (Jan Garbarek Group)

  Zoot Sims Meets Jimmy Rowles: If I'm Lucky (Zoot Sims)

  Jan Garbarek: Wayfarer (Jan Garbarek)

  Zoot Sims: Passion Flower (Zoot Sims)

  Jane Ira Bloom: Mighty Lights (Jane Ira Bloom)

  Bebop and Beyond

  Janet Lawson: Dreams Can Be (Janet Lawson)

  Capsule Takes

  Jeannie Cheatham and Jimmy Cheatham: Sweet Baby... (Jeannie Cheatham)

  dbx-encoded discs

  Jessica Williams- Nothin' But the Truth (Jessica Williams)

  Giants of Jazz

  Jill McManus: Symbols of Hopi (Jill McManus)

  God Rest Ye Merry, Jazzmen

  Jim Hall and Red Mitchell (Jim Hall)

  Jazz Monterey 1958-1980

  Jimmy Knepper -- Jimmy Knepper in LA (Jimmy Knepper)

  Jazz: Old Wine in New Bottles

  Jimmy Knepper- 1st Place (Jimmy Knepper)

  Midnight Magic

  Jimmy McGriff: Countdown (Jimmy McGriff)

  Scott Hamilton, Warren Vache, Cal Collins, Jake...

  Jimmy McGriff: Skywalk (Jimmy McGriff)

  The Cole Porter Songbook

  Jimmy Ponder: Down Here On the Ground (Jimmy Ponder)

  The Concord Sound, Volume One

  Jimmy Ponder: So Many Stars (Jimmy Ponder)


  JIMMY ROWLES/RED MITCHELL- I'm Glad There Is You (Jimmy Rowles)

  The Jazz Column

  Jimmy Rowles: Plays Duke Ellington and Bitty Strayhorn (Jimmy Rowles)

  The Jazz Column

  Joanne Brackeen. Havin' Fun (Joanne Brackeen)

  The Jazz Column

  Joanne Brackeen: Ancient Dynasty (Joanne Brackeen)

  The Jazz Column

  Joanne Brackeen: Special Identity (Joanne Brackeen)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Albany: Portrait of an Artist (Joe Albany)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Coughlin: Joe Coughlin (Joe Coughlin)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Derise: Blues Are Out of Town (Joe Derise)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Diamond: Ornithology (Joe Diamond)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Farrell: Sonic Text (Joe Farrell)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Henderson: Relaxin'at Camarillo (Joe Henderson)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Newman & Joe Wilder: Hangin Out (Joe Newman)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Pass (Joe Pass)

  The Jazz Column

  JOE PASS. University of Akron Concert (Joe Pass)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Pass/Niels Henning/Ørsted Pedersen: Northsea... (Joe Pass)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Pass: Virtuoso No. 3 (Joe Pass)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Sample. Rainbow Seeker (Joe Sample)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Sample/David T. Walker: Swing Street Cafe (Joe Sample)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Sample: The Hunter (Joe Sample)

  The Jazz Column

  Joe Williams- Prez & Joe (Joe Williams)

  The Jazz Column

  John Abercrombie: Night (John Abercrombie)

  The Jazz Column

  John Bunch: Jubilee (John Bunch)

  The Jazz Column

  John Coates Jr -- In the Open Space (John Coates Jr)

  The Jazz Column

  John Coates Jr.: Pocono Friends (John Coates Jr)

  The Jazz Column

  John Coates Jr.: Pocono Friends Encore (John Coates Jr)

  The Jazz Singers

  John Coates Jr.: Tokyo Concert (John Coates Jr)

  The Jazz Trumpet Volume 1: Classic Jazz to Swing

  John Coltrane: Bahia (John Coltrane)

  The Jazz Trumpet Volume 2: Modern Time

  John Coltrane: Bye Bye Blackbird (John Coltrane)

  The Montreux '77 Collection

  John Jarvis: So Fa So Good (John Jarvis)

  The New York-Montreaux Connection '81

  John McLaughlin, Al Di Meóla, Paco De Lucia: Friday... (John McLaughlin)

  The Official Music of the XXIIIrd Olympiad Los...

  John McLaughlin: My Goals Beyond (John McLaughlin)

  The Trumpet Summit Meets the Oscar Peterson Big...

  John Scofield: Electric Outlet (John Scofield)

  They All Played Bebop

  John Scofield: Out Like a Light (John Scofield)


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