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3 Marches

Frank Beermann 

3 Marches, MH 421; MH 515; MH 441

Johannes Goritzki 

3 Pieces for Glockenspiel in Salzburg

Franz Haselböck 

4 Graduais

Christoph Poppen 

Andromeda und Perseus

Reinhard Goebel 

Anima Nostra

Christoph Poppen 

Ave Regina caelorum, MH 140

Gary Graden 

Bassoon Concertino in B♭. Romance for Horn in A

Wolfgang Brunner 

Cassation in D

Paul Angerer 

Christus factus est, MH 38

Gary Graden 

Church Music


Clarinet Concertino in A. Horn Concertino in D. Trombone Concertino. Flute Concerto in D. Trumpet Concertino in D

Wolfgang Brunner 

Concertino in B♭, P 52/5

Laurence Perkins 

Concertino in D for Horn and Orchestra

Hermann Baumann 

Concertinos for Trumpet and Orchestra: in C; in D

Reinhold Friedrich 

Concerto for Horn and Orchestra in D

Daniel Bourgue 

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in C

Guy Touvron 

Concerto in B-Flat for Violin, Strings, and Continuo

Jaap Schröder 

Concerto in B♭ for Violin and Strings, P. 53. Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra, P. 54. Double Concerto forHarpsichord, Viola, and Strings, P. 55

Erwin Acél 

Concerto in C

Crispian Steele-Perkins 

Concerto in C for Harpsichord, Viola, and Strings

Roswitha Trimborn 

Concerto in C for Organ and Viola

Erzsébet Achim 

Concerto in C for Organ, Viola, and Strings

Andra Dārziņa 
Andra Dārziņa 

Concerto in C for Viola, Harpsichord, and Strings

Wolfram Christ 

Concerto in D

Per Nielsen 

Concerto in D for Flute and Orchestra

Lorant Kovâcs 
Lorant Kovâcs 

Concerto in D for Trumpet and Orchestra

Maurice André 
Maurice André 
Wynton Marsalis 

Concerto in D for Trumpet, Strings, Two Horns, and Continuo

Don Smithers 

Concerto No. 1 in D for Horn and Orchestra

Anthony Halstead 

Concerto No. 2 in C for Trumpet and Orchestra

Edward H. Tarr 
Erik Schultz 

Der Basgeiger zu Worgt—Singspiel, MH 205

Johannes Goritzki 

Der busende Sunder, MH 147. Divertimento in G, MH 354. 6 Minuets, MH 354

Johannes Goritzki 

Der Traum

Dolores Aldea 
Wolfgang Brunner 

Deutsche Messe, MH 560

Johannes Prinz 

Die Wahrheit der Natur, MH 118

Wolfgang Brunner 

Divertimento in B♭ for Oboe, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, and Double Bass, P. 92

Musica Orphea 

Divertimento in B♭ for Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, and Double Bass. Romance in A♭ for Horn and String Quartet after the Larghetto from Mozart's Horn Concerto in B♭, K. 447

Divertimento Salzburg 

Divertimento in C for Oboe, Viola, and Contrabass, P. 98. Quartet in C for English Horn, Violin, Cello, and Contrabass, P. 115

Heinz Holliger 

Divertimento in C for Oboe, Viola, and Double Bass, P. 98; Quartet in C for English Horn, Violin, Cello, and Double Bass, P. 115

Heinz Holliger 

Divertimento in C for Violin, Cello, and Continuo, P. 99. Variations in C for Harpsichord, P. 132. Divertimento in E♭ for Violin, Cello, and Double Bass. Divertimento in D for Two Viols, Viola, and Continuo, P. 93

Salzburger Hofmusik 

Divertimento in C, P. 98

Schonbrunn Ens 
Roberto Sensi 

Divertimento in D

Consortium Classicum 

Divertimento in D for Flute, Violin, Cello, and Guitar. Quartet in F for Flute, Violin, Cello, and Guitar. Divertimento in C for Flute, Viola, and Guitar

Duo Musica 

Divertimento in E-Flat for Viola, Cello, and Bass

P Soloists of Hamburg 

Divertimento in G

Vienna Octet 

Duo No. 1 in C, Hob.VI:C1

Mark Lubotsky 

Erstes Deutsches Hochamt

Rainer van Husen 
Heinz-Gert Freimuth 

Flute Concerto in D

Emmanuel Pahud 
Emmanuel Pahud 

Flute Concerto In D

Wolfgang Brunner 

Horn and Trombone Concertino In D

Wolfgang Brunner 

Horn Concertino in D

Wolfgang Brunner 

In die resurrectionis

Helmuth Froschauer 

In Festo Innocentium

Florian Heyerick 

Lauft, ihr Hirten

Elizabeth Humes 

Mass and Vespers for the Feast of Holy Innocents

James Litton

Mass in Honor of St. Ursula

Hans Rudolf Zöbeley 

Missa in honorem Sanctae Ursulae in C (“Chiemsee-Messe“)

Erika Rüggeberg 

Missa in honorem Sanctae Ursulas (“Chiemsee-Messe“y

Hans Rudolf Zöbeley 

Missa in Honorum Sancti Gotthardi

Christoph Poppen 

Missa S. Leopoldi. Deutsches Magnificat. Notturno. Vespers

Florian Heyerick 

Missa S. Leopoldi. Vespers

Alphons von Aarburg 

Missa Sancti Aloysii

Mädchenchor Hannover 

Missa Sancti Aloysü

Christiane Baumann 

Missa Sancti Francisci. Requiem in C Minor

Helmuth Rilling 

Missa Sancti Francisi Seraphici. Regina coeli in C

Howard Griffiths 

Missa Sancti Hieronymi. Timete Dominum. Sancti Dei, MH 328

Gary Graden 

Missa Sandi Aloysii, Offertorium. Sequentia. Offertorium

Eva Martón 

Missa Sandi Aloysii. Offertory for the Feast of the Holy Innocents. Sequence for the Feast of St. Augustine. Offertory for the Common of a Virgin Martyr


Missa St. Leopoldi. Vespers for the Holy Innocents. Laudate Pueri

James Litton 

Missa Sti. Aloysiï

Raimund Hug 

Music by

William Neil 

Music of

Andreas Wiedermann 

Mythologische Operette

Gábor Lehotka 

Notturno in F

Concilium Musicum Wien 

Notturno No. 1 in F, MH 185

Lavard Skou-Larsen 
Lavard Skou-Larsen 

Offertorium Perfice gressus. Aria Ah! Jesu recipe. Ave Regina caelorum. Stift Weyarn und die Münchener HofmusUt

Munich Convivium Musicum 

Overtures: Andromeda e Perseo, MH 438

Johannes Goritzki 

Pieces by

James Litton

Polonaise in C

Jörg Baumann 

Prelude, Verses, and Candenza

Arturo Sacchetti 

Prelude, Versets 1-4, and Finale in the Eighth Mode

Gerhard Zukriegel 

Quartet in C for English Horn, Violin, Viola, and Cello, P. 115

Thomas Stacy 

Quartet in C, P. 115. Divertimento in E♭. Divertimento in C, P. 110

Roberto Sensi 

Quintets for Two Violins, Two Violas, and Cello: in C, P. 108; in G, P. 109; in F, P. 110

Concilium Musicum 

Quintets lor Two Violins, Two Violas, and Cello: in B♭, P. 105; in C, P. 108; in G, P. 109


Rebekka als Braut, MH 76

Johannes Goritzki 

Requiem in c. Missa in honorem Sanctae Ursulae


Requiem in C Minor

Siglinde Damisch 

Requiem in C Minor in Honor of Prince-Archbishop Sigismund von Schrattenbach

Ernst Hinreiner 

Requiem in C-Minor (new version)

Ernst Hinreiner

Requiem in c. Missa in honorem Sanctae Ursulae

Robert King

Requiem in c. Symphonies: in G, P 16; in Bt, P 9

Christian Zacharias 

Responsories for Holy Week

György Vashegyi 

Romance for Horn and String Quartet. Adagio and Allegro molto for Horn and Trombone

Jasper de Waal 

Serenade in B♭

Ruben Gazarian 

Serenade in D, Perger 87

Ludwig Güttler 

Serenade. Symphony in D

Jânos Sândor 

Sinfonia from the “Appiausus“ Cantata

Camerata Académica of the Salzburg Mozarteum 

Sonatas for Violin and Viola: No. 1 in C; No. 2 in E; No. 3 in F; No. 4 in G

Werner Hink 

Songs and madrigals by

Die Singphoniker 

St. Theresa Mass. Offertory. Gradual. Te Deum


String Quintets: in B♭, MH 412; in C, MH 187; in F, MF 367; in G, MH 189; in F, MH 411

Salzburger Haydn-Qnt 

String Quintets: in G, in F, in C, in F. Divertimento in B/B♭

Concilium Musicum Wien 

Symphonies Nos. 14, 17, 19, 24, 29, 33, 40, 41. 3 Marches


Symphonies, Volume 1: No. 1 in C; No. 2 in C; No. 3 (Divertimento) in G

Bohdan Warchal 

Symphonies, Volume 2: No. 4 in B♭; No. 5 in A; No. 6 in C

Bohdan Warchal 

Symphonies, Volume 3: No. 7 in E; No. 8 in D; No. 9 in D; No. 10 in F

Bohdan Warchal 

Symphonies: in A, P. 6; in B♭, P. 9; in G, P. 16; in E♭, P. 26; in F, P. 32

Matthias Bamert 

Symphonies: in C, MH 23; in F, MH 25; in G, MH 26; in C, MH 37

Pál Németh 

Symphonies: in C, P. 10; in D, P. 11/21; in D Minor,P20

Erwin Acél 

Symphonies: in C, P. 10; in D, P. 11; in D Minor, P. 20

Wojciech Czepiel 

Symphonies: in d, P 41, MH150; c, P 6, MH152; g, P 8, MH144; d, P 11, MH198; d, P 42, MH272

Pál Németh 

Symphonies: in D, P 42; in B♭, P 18; in E♭, P 17; in F, P 22

Patrick Gallois 
Patrick Gallois 

Symphonies: in E♭, MH 473; in G, MH 474

Howard Griffiths 

Symphonies: in E♭, P. 26; in B♭, P. 28; in D, P. 29; in D, P. 42; in B♭, P. 52. Pastorello in C, P. 91

Erwin Acél 

Symphonies: in F; No. 14; No. 17; No. 19; No. 24; No. 29

Frank Beermann 

Symphonies: in G, in B♭, in A. Concerto for Organ and Viola

Wilfried Boettcher 

Symphonies: No. 33

Frank Beermann 

Symphonies: No. 40

Frank Beermann 

Symphonies: No. 41

Frank Beermann 

Symphonies: No. 13 in D, MH 132 (and alternative versions of Andante and Menuetto 2); No. 20 in C, MH 252

Lavard Skou-Larsen 
Lavard Skou-Larsen 

Symphonies: No. 19 in C, P. 10; No. 23 in D, P. 43

Bournemouth Sinfonietta 

Symphonies: No. 1C in E♭; No. 22 in D; No. 23 in F; No. 33 in D

Johannes Goritzki

Symphonies: No. 21 in C, P. 12; No. 37 in b♭ P. 28; No. 41 in F, P. 32

Bournemouth Sinfonietta 

Symphonies: No. 21 in D; No. 30 in D; No. 31 in F; No. 32 in D

Johannes Goritzki 
Johannes Goritzki

Symphonies: No. 25 in G, P 16; No. 30 in D, P 21; No. 28 in C, P 19; No. 24 in A, p 15

Patrick Gallois 
Patrick Gallois 

Symphonies: No. 33 in D, MH 24; No. 23 in F, MH 284; No. 1C in E♭, No. 22 in D, MH 287

Johannes Goritzki 

Symphonies: No. 34 in Eb; No. 35 in Bb; No. 37in D; No. 38 in F; No. 39 in C

Johannes Goritzki 

Symphonies: No. 34 in E♭; No. 35 in G; No. 36 in B♭; No. 37 in D; No. 38 in F; No. 39 in C

Johannes Goritzki

Symphonies: Nos. 14, 17, 19, 24, 29, 33, 40, 41; in F. 3 Marches

Frank Beermann

Symphonies: Nos. 1–12, 15, 16, 18, 25–28

Bohdan Warchal

Symphony In B♭, P. 52: Concertino

Milan Turković 

The Dream: Excerpts

Johannes Read 

Trombone Concertino in F. Trumpet Concertino in C

Wolfgang Brunner 

Trumpet Concertino in C

Ruben Gazarian 

Veni Sande Spiritus, MH 161

Gary Graden 

Vesperae in festo SS. Innocentium. Graduale (extra Dominicam). Graduale (die Dominica)

Krisztina Laki 

Vesperae in Festo Ss. Innocentium. Graduale. Graduale

Krisztina Laki 

Violin Concerto in A

Arthur Grumiaux 

Violin Concerto in B♭

Lukas Hagen 
Baiba Skride 

Violin Concerto in B♭, P 53

Burkhard Godhoff 

Violin Concertos: in B♭, MH 36; in G, MH 52; in A, MH 207

Barnabás Kelemen 

Works by

Martin Haselböck 
Jan Ernst 

Zaire: Incidental Music, P 13; Notturno solenne in E♭. Notturno in F, P 106

Johannes Goritzki 


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